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We offer a variety of publications and forms to help our policyholders stay up-to-date on medical liability, patient safety, claims prevention and risk management strategies and much more. Some of these resources are available online for immediate downloading; others you’ll need to request.

For your convenience in this section, some files are available as a PDF and the forms are available in downloadable and editable Word documents. PDF format requires the installation of the free Adobe© Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing. Click on the icon to download Acrobat Reader now.

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General Risk/Office Materials

Your practice, your patients and you: Risk reduction strategies from MIEC
MIEC has many tools to assist you in reducing your liability, but we understand that you might not have time to go over everything in detail or perhaps you simply don’t know where to begin. This booklet summarizes topics we suggest you consider, whether you are new to practice or a seasoned practitioner.

Medical Record Documentation for Patient Safety and Physician Defensibility: A Handbook for Physicians and Medical Office Staff
Weak medical records are an invitation to litigation. This handbook outlines the elements of defensible medical records and provides templates to facilitate efficient charting.

Electronic Medical Records: A Supplement to Medical Record Documentation 
Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) offer many promising features but they are not without challenges. Learn the pros and cons of EMRs and what to ask an EMR vendor before you buy.

Sample Forms, Templates and Letters for a Medical Office Practice (Login only)
These tools are a companion piece to the Medical Record Documentation Handbook, and may be used to facilitate efficient, defensible medical records.

“Dedication to Excellence” mini-poster series 
We know patient safety is important to you. But do your patients know? We’ve designed a series of mini-posters to help get this message across to your patients. Policyholders may Email Us to request a poster for any or all of the following topics:


• Communication
• Confidentiality
• Patient Safety
• Patient Education
• Medications
• Phone Etiquette


Specialty-Specific Handbooks

Reduce Your Risks in the Emergency Department
Policies and procedures, documentation, and communication strategies specific to the Emergency Department environment.

Claims Prevention for California Acupuncturists
A guide to help you prevent patient injury, reduce liability risks, and increase defensibility.

• Claims Prevention for Hawaii Acupuncturists 
A guide to help you prevent patient injury, reduce liability risks, and increase defensibility.

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Newsletters – Public Access

Our quick-to-read newsletters are designed to help our policyholders stay informed about claims prevention and patient safety issues.

 • The Exchange
MIEC’s newest publication, The Exchange, a newsletter designed to keep policyholders informed and interacting with their professional liability carrier.

Managing Your Practice
Do you know how your day-to-day office policies and procedures affect your liability? This newsletter series looks at scheduling, patient complaints, phone communication and more from a risk management perspective.

Special Report Claims Alert
Elder abuse…apologies…medication errors…Special Report Claims Alerts provide timely guidance on the hot-button issues of the day.

Claims Alert
MIEC keeps you up-to-date on primary issues that often give rise to claims, and how they are affected over time by statutory and industry changes.

Write On!
Does medical record documentation really affect patient safety and the outcome of lawsuits? Yes! This newsletter features real claims and how documentation helped or hindered a policyholder’s case.

New Law Alert
The latest laws on tort reform, consent issues, oversight requirements and scope of practice for non-physician clinicians, and information on other new laws that affect your liability.

• EMedicine Alert
Policies and procedures, documentation, and communication strategies specific to the Emergency Department environment.

• Point of Exchange
Professional liability advice, specifically for acupuncturists.

Publication Request Form

Publication Request Form (Login only)
Want a hard copy of one of our publications? We’re glad to help. Use this request form to order any of the resources you see here.

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Podcasts (Login only)
Now MIEC offers you another user-friendly way to learn about the issues that affect your medical liability risk. Podcasts can be downloaded to your digital media player and played back at your convenience. Listen to them during your commute, your morning jog, or whenever you can grab a few minutes.

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