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As healthcare has evolved in recent years, many physicians are electing to practice in larger groups where management companies, foundations, and other intermediaries work in conjunction with insurance brokers to establish collective insurance programs on an institutional, rather than personal basis. In addition, a trend toward various forms of integration of the hospital, facility and provider areas of healthcare delivery are changing the way medical liability insurance is structured and purchased.

Insurance brokers play a pivotal role in coordinating coverage for these complex organizations as well as assisting in managing the long term relationships that are the hallmark of successful insurance programs. As a progressive company motivated to keep pace with the changing face of healthcare, MIEC recognizes the essential role insurance brokers and other intermediaries play in both this market segment, and that evolutionary process.

MIEC has always been open to working with professional advisors selected by our customers. Traditionally this has been on a fee basis where broker compensation is being provided directly by the policyholder. This approach has proven inconsistent with the preferences and practices of the industry, where a direct commission is the norm. MIEC believes in the value that the professional intermediary brings to the relationship between the insured and the insurer, and is pleased to now provide a traditional commission arrangement.

As a company with distinctly different objectives and philosophy than our competitors, MIEC remains committed to its founding principles of providing the best coverage and services for malpractice insurance at the lowest sustainable cost. There is no profit motive built in to our philosophy. MIEC is uniquely positioned to partner with brokers to create a professional liability program designed around the unique needs of brokers and their clients.

Brokers are well used to working with carriers who have a “dual” distribution model. It may be of interest to note that MIEC has a sales force of exactly 1 employee, whose assignment in identifying new business makes no distinction between that sold through intermediaries or sold directly.

Please contact William Green, Director of Marketing, to discuss placement of your business with MIEC. We look forward to talking to you.

William Green
Director of Marketing




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