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MIEC is pleased to announce a 5% Premium Credit for Patient Safety & Risk Management activities that improve your practices to ensure reduced liability risk, better patient safety and quality risk management.
We know you participate in these types of activities all the time to better serve your patients - now your efforts can be worth a 5% Premium Credit for the next 3 years!

Who Qualifies for the Credit?

Full-time physicians with individual limits of coverage.*

Complete an approved PSRM Activity within the 12 months preceding coverage inception.The eligibility deadline for the 2019 PSRM Credit is October 1, 2018. **

The PSRM Premium Credit is also available for insureds who are receiving a New to Practice premium credit, subject to certain conditions.

Hawaii insureds can receive the PSRM credit or PARS credit, but not both.

What Kind of Activities Qualify?

Quality Improvement

  • Become a QUALITY CERTIFIED organization
  • Implement a quality improvement program in your practice
  • Participate in pain management education program and develop policies and procedures for your practice

Patient Satisfaction Survey (PSS)

  • Distribute a PSS to patients and tally results
  • Obtain results from contracted third-party payors and tally results
  • Make improvements to your practice based on PSS results

Communication Education

  • Complete disclosure or apology training
  • Complete Empathetics™ online training
  • Participate in Advanced Care Planning (ACP) training through your hospital affiliation or medical society and implement an ACP program in your practice

Claims Prevention Survey

  • Complete a practice self-assessment and submit it to MIEC for review
  • Undergo a PSRM Claims Prevention survey of your practice
  • Demonstrate documentation or systems changes to your practice based on survey results

Contact Us!

For more information about the PSRM Premium Credit, please contact us at patientsafetyriskmgmt@miec.com or call us directly at 800.227.4527.

You can also take our online credit eligibility survey and, if you are eligible, you may request information relating to specific PSRM activities that will qualify you for the credit.

Notes: * The PSRM Premium Credit is applied to the $1M/$3M manual medical professional liability premium for individual physicians. ** Any of these activities completed since February 1, 2018 could qualify you for the 2019 Premium Credit.



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